1.    Although we have tried to upload the most complete dataset available for donors, donated items, purchases, and distribution, it is possible that there might be a few entries missing. We will try to address all data related issues by the beginning of June.


2.    Although we tried our best to keep the data as accurate as possible there were times when we had to approximate a few values to keep our units consistent. For example, rice is recorded in kg, however, in Nepal rice is sold in packets of 5 and 1 kg and sacks of 20 and 30 kg. Therefore, if our data was captured as 1 sack and the kg per sack was not recorded, then for the sake of unit consistency we recorded that value as 25 kg in our final data sheet. We did this kind of approximation for several items. If you would like a full worksheet with all the conversions, please email us and we would be happy to pass that on to you. 


3.    The dollar value given in the donation is correct, but the Nepalese value is an approximation. We have calculated the approximate value via this formula ($*100*95%). We are assuming an exchange rate of 1 USD to 100 NPR and assuming 5% credit card and banking fee. We will put the actual value of the donation as soon as the money lands to our Nepali Bank Account. 


4.    Restricted Funds: Funds given for a particular earthquake related project to be undertaken by the Global Shapers Kathmandu Hub.


5.    Unrestricted Funds: Funds used be used for any earthquake related project undertaken by the Global Shapers Kathmandu Hub.