To have a longer term impact from the Climate and Environment Education Curriculum, we have created an activity-based book for young students named - 'Kalpavriksha'. This book will go hand in hand with the Climate and Environment Education Curriculum. Kalpavrikshya aims to teach students the basics of climate change and emphasizes their roles in helping to curtail climate change. The activities are designed to support students to apply critical thinking to key concepts around climate change in a fun and engaging way. The students, through Kalpavriksha - will be equipped with practical skills to address climate change issues and ensure that students and other stakeholders - teachers, schools, and families, take ownership and become accountable towards their community. In the first wave, we aim to create awareness amongst 1500 young students about the impacts of climate change in a local and global context. This book will also introduce Nepali terms regarding the environment and climate change to young students, probably for the first time. We would like to thank everyone involved in the process, including Climate Reality Project, WWF Nepal, and the entire Global Shapers Community. The book is available for download - https://bit.ly/3fEXa0R


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