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Who are we?
The Global Shapers are an international network of young people who actively work on building solutions, initiating action, and sustaining positive change in their respective communities. With more than 14,000 members, the Global Shapers Community spans 456 city-based hubs in 150 countries. The Kathmandu Hub was formed in 2012 with young people from diverse backgrounds, united in our goal to shape a more equitable, more inclusive, and greener future for our community.

Kathmandu Hub was formed in 2012 bringing together young people from diverse backgrounds, united in our collective goal to shape a more equitable, inclusive, and greener future for our community. Past hub initiatives include raising over $500,000 to build one school and two health clinics in response to the devastating earthquake in 2015. Our approach has been adapted in response to new challenges facing the community as we moved from post-earthquake recovery into the COVID-19 pandemic era.

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Green Shapers

Students in Nepali public schools don’t have localized knowledge about climate change. We developed a curriculum and activity book for students to understand climate change and its effects in Nepal.

Shaping Mental Health

The stigma surrounding mental health is a huge obstacle that Nepal needs to overcome. The Mental Health team is striving to do so through a multifaceted approach.


Young Nepali entrepreneurs have the potential to transform the national national economy and enable Nepal’s transition into a developed country

Be One Of Us

When you ask Kathmandu Shapers about the benefits of membership, the first answer is invariably community. Shapers is not about superficial networking; real friendship is the foundation of what we do and why it works. As Shapers, we have the unique opportunity to launch and participate in projects with support from the community and WEF.



One of the reasons I joined Global Shapers was to meet new, like-minded people, and it definitely met my expectations and more. I’ve met the most interesting people here, who constantly teach me new things and push me outside my comfort zone to do better. Something I wouldn’t get anywhere else.

Vedika Murarka

Global Shapers has been a wonderful way to meet a diverse group of young Nepalis who bring in their own unique perspectives and experiences into the Hub. Amidst this diversity though, we are united by the common value of making a positive impact in the communities we live in. As a new Shaper, while Covid has made this a difficult year to physically interact and forge deeper connections, I look forward to continuing to grow and learn with this community.

Aditya Todi

Being a Global Shaper has been a wholesome experience, to say the least. Along with developing my leadership and interpersonal skills, the network really helped bring my ideas to fruition. Forever grateful to this amazing bunch!

Sadikchya Singh

When I decided to join Global Shaper, I had mixed feelings. Now, I can confidently claim that joining Global Shaper was among my best decisions. This course has not only helped me expand my network, and see things from different perspectives but also helped me become a more dignified human being. Here's to a productive and fun year ahead.

Bhushan Dahal

When I decided to join the shapers, it felt like I was dipping my toes into something totally different from what I had been used to. Now, it has become a spring well of connections and perspectives I would not have obtained anywhere else. Being with Global shapers has expanded my network, given me a community to bounce ideas with and also given me opportunities to learn. Looking forward to more learning and even more connections with the amazing team of shapers.

Sunita Dangol

Global Shapers provides a unique platform to engage locally whilst being part of a global network. It has helped me stay accountable to social impact and engage with a community that is actively delivering change. I have learnt greatly from the diversity of the community and interactions with fellow Shapers through dialogues, projects, workshops, etc. It's rewarding to know that the impact created and relationships built are sustainable and for the long-term.

Sahayu Goyal

I found a posse of young, driven, and diverse people who are passionate about making a difference in their communities when I joined the Global Shapers community, and I couldn’t be happier about that. The community has given me the confidence to take up roles and opportunities in social change-making and activism. I am grateful for the dedication, vigor, and support that this community has given me.

Naviya Kafle

Being a member of Global Shapers has been an experience of pride, learning and service. I am proud to be part of a network of all the amazing like-minded people. I am constantly in a learning process since day zero. I feel glad to serve my time and effort for community development.

Ayush Tamrakar

Being a Shaper has brought me a larger community that I can share and create ideas with. I have loved how efficiently we execute these ideas and plans, especially in the green shapers team. My biggest asset has been being a part of an amazing community of individuals passionate about understanding the world better and solving problems.

Anoushka Pandey

As a Founding member of Global Shapers Community, during this decade-long journey with the Kathmandu hub has been an exemplary one. Undertaking a few large projects by any hub, and working together as a team to shape community has been a process of self learning at personal as well as team level. In 2013-14, I also had the opportunity to take the Global & Regional Leadership for Shape Love project where we reached out to 100 cities to identify new project initiatives for many hubs.

Gaurav Kandel


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