Man ka Kuraharu Podcast (Conversations of the Heart)

Manka Kuraharu is a regular podcast that explores mental health and well-being through different lens and perspectives 01: The Learnings of the Lockdown In this very first episode of Manka Kura, we talk about our lockdown experiences and the lessons we learned. 02: The Question of Big B In this second episode of the podcast, we talk about an issue which is one of the most stress causing issues for young people in Nepal - the issue of marriage. 03: The Gender Burden In this third episode of our podcast, we discuss the disproportionate burden women are having to face because of the patriarchal norms in the society. 04: Job vs Business In this fourth episode, we discuss a major dilemma young people face these days- should they opt for a job or start their own business? 05: Mental Health in an Unequal World For the Mental Health Day 2021, the theme this year is Mental Health in an Unequal World. So, Shaper Gunjan Ghimire decided to have a chat with mental health experts Kripa and Kapil. What followed was an exciting dive into Nepal's mental health sector and this year's theme. 06: Talking Mental Health in the Workplace In this fifth episode, we talked about mental health in the workplace; how we talk, share and respond to each other, dealing with employee’s change of behavior (burnout, stress, anxiety, absenteeism etc.) and to deal better with mental well-being


Project Info

  • Project By : Global Shapers
  • Date : 2021-ongoing
  • Location : Kathmandu, Nepal