Climate and Environment Education Curriculum

As mentioned in our motto, we believe it is incredibly important to build awareness and ownership about having a greener city, now more than ever. After much deliberation, we came to the conclusion that starting with children in schools would be our best way forward. Students in school are more open minded about learning new topics and are more receptive to questioning the status quo. This is why we decided to create a curriculum to engage students to learn about these topics in a fun and engaging manner. The two day program is designed specifically for young students (and teachers) to explore the different concepts of climate change in a way that the students will develop a feeling of ownership for the related issues. The program is structured to help young students visualize environmental issues through a local lens and think of solutions that would equip them to solve these problems at a local and global level. The curriculum has been designed to be immensely enjoyable and memorable at the same time.


Project Info

  • Project By : Global Shapers
  • Date : 2019 - Ongoing
  • Location : Kathmandu