Environmental Leaders Talk Series (ELTS)

The Environmental Leaders Talk Series (ELTS) was a project that came to fruition during the 2020 COVID-19 lockdown in Nepal. Pretty much everything around us had come to a standstill overnight. We didn’t want to stop our work on building a greener city since the climate crisis was not going anywhere, with or without a global pandemic. Online based sessions were beginning to take off in Nepal. This was when we decided to do a series of informal interviews with climate change and environmental conservation young leaders in Nepal. The series aimed to introduce young Nepalis to environmental leaders based in Nepal and showcase the fact that they are just like us. These leaders talked about their journeys which led to their environmental initiatives. In doing so, we wanted the audience to grasp that these leaders are their peers, regular people like them. If these leaders could do something about climate change and the environment, why not them? Over a year, we conducted four online sessions and one physical session with environment leaders: Sajal Pradhan and their solo journey cycling the Annapurna Circuit Kushal Harjani and his innovative company - Doko Recyclers Haushala Thapa and the environmental damage caused by cotton production Climate Reality Leaders Mohit Rauniyar and Srishti Vaidya about the Climate Reality Project Sanjeevani Yonzon and her Green School Curriculum introduced in Nepal


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